2007: Drawing

I created this series of small drawings while living in NYC. Back then, I spent a lot of time commuting on the subway and walking around in the concrete jungle of the city, like most of the city dwellers. Whenever I walked by a florist, my senses really came alive just by the mere contrast of the beautiful flowers against the grey streets and buildings. This contrast became one of my inspirations for making artwork based on natural forms.

I recently came across this quote by Arthur Young, “God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.” All of nature has its innate sense of being and knowing and I really liked the way the quote expresses this sentiment. That innate sense of being and knowing of all things is the essence of what I’ve experienced in nature and through self inquiry and then translate into my artwork.

Falling Water, 5″x7″, pen/brush & ink
Geode, 5″x7″, pen/brush & ink
Pebbles, 5″x7″, pen/brush & ink
Scales, 5″x7″, pen/brush & ink
Stones, 5″x7″, pen/brush & ink
River, 5″x7″, pen/brush & ink