2013: Soft Sculpture

The title of this work is “Pendants and Prizes”. These soft sculptures are a bit of a look back towards work I created in college and then also while I lived in Italy. Back then, I created abstract toys and puffy shapes with a flat back to hang on a wall. So some of that playfulness was revived with this project.

Craft making such as crocheting and sewing have been a big part of my life since childhood. I like to explore these skills in the realm of art making. The tactile quality of objects made of fabric or yarn is really appealing since we encounter this in everyday objects. This playful familiarity is the source of my exploration with this project and of previous work.

Prizes, 15″x24″ each, fabric, notions, stuffing
Prizes- detail
Pendants, 15″x25″ each, fabric & felt