2013: Painting

I created this series of paintings as an antithesis to some of my previous work. Since I’d used black paper for so many years, I wanted to explore a lighter palette. Originally I started with large washes of blue ink and then added the colored pencil and white ink shapes as top layers. I really allowed the blue ink to help define these top layers. So definition came from the bottom layers and built itself up from there.

I titled this series “Shape of Water” for the blue ink mainly. The blue ink is the underlying and pervasive element throughout the paintings and it really creates structure for the other shapes. Looking at these paintings, I can’t help but also think about reflections in puddles and pools of water and the undulating movement of water.

Shape of Water-1, 25″x22″, ink & colored pencil
Shape of Water-2, 25″x22″, ink & colored pencil
Shape of Water-3, 25″x22″, ink & colored pencil
Shape of Water-4, 25″x22″, ink & colored pencil