I’ve been creating artwork for a long time. Like most humans I started as soon as I could hold a crayon. My family and high school encouraged creativity and I went on to study art at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. I’ve since travelled and lived in a few different cities. I’ve explored and experienced many aspects of life. Each place I’ve visited has taught me a lot about the world and its people, but there’s so much more. I hope to see it all!

My artwork is an inner exploration. Spending time in nature helps tune out a lot of noise from living in a city and the media that is a big part of modern daily life. What’s hidden beneath the distractions that occupy space in the mind is where my creative life lives. The artwork I create is a visual translation of this inner world.

Continuing on the creative path has not always been easy. From time to time I’ve considered what purpose art making has served my life. By looking at large collections¬†of artwork, it’s clear that the art making process chronicles life on many levels. It serves as a history of the development of an individual and of the development of human culture. For this reason I stay true to my personal vision and continue making art despite the demands of life.

I have shown my work from time to time in the US and in Europe. Here’s an incomplete list of where my work has been. It could really get out in the world a bit more than it does, but little by little I make my way forward. I mention Superfantastic art shows in my list below. These were shows organized in alternative spaces, so not traditional galleries.

Art Shows

2014 Group Show at Hayes Valley Pop Up / Hayes Valley Art Coalition
San Francisco, CA

2012 Solo Show at Xapno
San Francisco, CA

2012 Solo Show at Mauve, Office of Exhibition
Berkeley, CA

2010 Group Show at the Grotto Gallery
San Francisco, CA

2010 Group Show at Mini Bar
San Francisco, CA

2008 Solo Show at Full City Coffee
New York City

2005 Group Show at Little Horse Gallery
Boulder, CO

2002-3 Superfantastic shows

2001 Group Show
Florence, Italy

2000 Superfantastic shows
Chicago, Baltimore, and Miami