Rose Heineman


Art Work

Throughout my life I've always created art, it's an inherent part of my existence. Drawings, paintings, soft sculptures, collage, and writing are some of the forms my artwork takes. This page is currently under construction. Please see some samples of my work below plus my last artist statement.

2016: I find myself drawing at night these days. I am currently caring for my young baby. He more than fills my daylight and early evening hours. What few night time hours that remain are dedicated to my drawing practice. Time is of the essence. There is very little room for doubt. I make my drawing and that is that.

These drawings are made with a language I’ve been developing for almost ten years. My drawing practice started to pick up speed when I was living in Brooklyn in 2007, but it really goes all the way back to childhood memories of my time spent listening to the trees of New England. Looking back I see an innate mythology created by a child’s mind free to wander a field or contemplate the intricacies of a spider web. When I lived in New York, my eye was constantly drawn to the flowers outside of corner stores as I walked around the city. The contrast of nature in a man made, urban environment helped me to see and think about how important nature is and has been in my life. Now that I live in San Francisco the natural world is always close by. I watch the ocean waves and swirling seaweed and listen to the crows living their lives along side my own.

Being in nature gives me solace and healing for mind and body so these themes also find their way into my drawing practice. Humans are part of nature but it’s an uneasy relationship in the world we live in today. Through drawing I explore my personal, hidden relationship to mind and body and to the natural world.

Drawing is a practice that feeds itself. The more I draw, the better it gets so it’s always changing and evolving. When I create a shape I like, I might use something similar in another drawing or a part of a drawing may spark ideas for future work. When I am drawing the world becomes a very rich place full of shapes and colors, darkness and light.

From the series "Night Practice" - 8"x10" each - colored pencil, pen+ink, black archival paper - 2016